Mzenga Man Calls On ZAM & NAC In Blacklisting Websites Leaking Songs On Sell


Dear Zambia Association of Musicians – ZAM and National Arts Council of Zambia , this is the right time to start doing the things that will mean so much for your artists.

Alot of Musicians as we speak have started to sell their music through mvesesani, and well meaning

Zambians and music followers are supporting this movement because its the only way our industry will grow with value!

How ever, some few excited and notorious mini blogs or websites have a tendancy of leaking some free downloads to a song that is on sale for the sake of traffic and popularity!

This is were now i am bringing you to light (ZAM)

Kindly on behalf of the affected artists take note of such platforms and have them reported to ZICTA so that their sites can be blacklisted.

To the MUSICIANS, make sure all your music is licensed/ copyrighted such that if such a thing happens, Do Not hesitate to squeez them the legal way at the courts of LAW. (Personally I have issued several warnings and i set aside a special legal team to handle any one infringing on my content)

Guys, we are at a verge of extinction because we have for so many years embraced the culture of free downloads and truthfully speaking, this totally limits growth and we shall continue wallowing in poverty since we spend so much time, effort and money creating the music for free consumption!

Let the songs that are released for free remain free and let those that are released for sale remain on sale!

Thank you to all proffesional and well meaning bloggers, websites, promoters, influencers and fans who are supporting this movement genuinely by only sharing the “For Sale” links on their



DJ Mzenga Man.

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